This is a blog about code and reflections on technology in the midst of a unprecedented era of technological innovation at a breath-taking (and perhaps perilous) speed.

What is the judgment of Thamus? In his book Technopoly, Neil Postman offers a counterweight to the blind adoption of technology.

While he makes it clear that he is not anti-technology, he sounds a warning. Thamus was incorrect in that he assumed technology would only be a burden.

However, Postman claims (rightly in my estimation):

We are currently surrounded by throngs of zealous Theuths, one-eyed prophets who can only see what new technologies can do and are incapable of imagining what they will undo.

Technology gives, and it takes away. It is not an either-or proposition, and it is not neutral. I am pro-technology, but with both eyes open.

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